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Authors & Speakers

Over 250 authors, artists, and speakers are participating in LitFest Pasadena 2018. For authors with books available, books may be purchased at Vroman’s Bookstore for signing after they appear.

Abdi Nazemian

Abel Salas

Adam Greenfield

Adolfo Guzman Lopez

Adrian Arancibia

Adrian Cepeda

Alex Espinoza

Ali Liebegott

Alice Pero

Alicia Elkort

Allie Vernon

Amber West

Amy Rubinate

Amy Scattergood

Amy Shimshon Santo

Andre Coleman

Andrew J. Stone

Andrew Tonkovich

Angelina Coppola

Angelina Sáenz

Ann Redisch Stampler

Anna Leahy

Annabel Warren

Anne Yale

Armine Iknadossian

Ashely Santana

Avila Santo

Beverly Lafontaine

Beverly M. Collins

Bob Kulhan