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Authors & Speakers

Over 250 authors, artists, and speakers are participating in LitFest Pasadena 2018. For authors with books available, books may be purchased at Vroman’s Bookstore for signing after they appear.

Bob Rich

Brandon Easton

Brennan DeFrisco

Brian Evenson

Briony James

Bronwyn Mauldin

Brother Jude

Bruce Craven

Burl Barer

Camari Carter-Hawkins

Carl Kozlowski

Carla Sameth

Caroll Sun Yang

Carrie Paterson

Cassandra Dallett

Cathie Sandstrom

CB Lee

Chad Sweeney

Charles Flowers

Charley Allen

Chase Petra Band

Chris Robertson

Christa Sacco

Christina Hoag

Cindy Rinne & Bory Thach

Colleen Dunn Bates

Corey Roskin

Craig Rick

Dan Whitmore

Dana Middleton