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Authors & Speakers

Over 250 authors, artists, and speakers are participating in LitFest Pasadena 2018. For authors with books available, books may be purchased at Vroman’s Bookstore for signing after they appear.

Jireh Deng

Joe Ide

Joel Tomfohr

John Brantingham

John Powers

Johnny Bender

Jordan Young

Josh Gershick

Joshua Castro

Juan Melgoza

Julia Callahan

Julia Wick

Justi J. Murphy

Justin Chapman

Kari Martin

Karol Ruth Silverstein

Kate Jonez

Kate Maruyama

Kath Abela Wilson

Kathryn McGee

Katie Orphan

Kayla Cagan

Keenan Norris

Kelly Nott

Kerry Madden Lunsford

Kevin Ausmus

Kevin Brown

Kevin Stricke

Kevin Uhrich

Khadija Anderson