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Authors & Speakers

Over 250 authors, artists, and speakers are participating in LitFest Pasadena 2018. For authors with books available, books may be purchased at Vroman’s Bookstore for signing after they appear.

Kia Penso

Kim Dower

Kirin Khan

Kitty Felde

Laura Gabbert

Laura Lee Bahr

Laura Lee Chin

Laurie Ochoa

Leah Clancy

Lena Garcia

Leslie Margolis

Leticia Hernández Linares

Linda Ravenswood

Lisa Morton

Lisa See

Lory Bedikian

Lucy Zepeda

Manny Pacheco

Mario Torero

Mark A. Fisher

Mary Anneeta Mann

Mary Fitzpatrick

Mary Lea Carroll

Mary Mallory

Mary Williams

Matt Englar Carlson

Medaya Ocher

Melissa Leu

Meng Jin

Meredith Maran