Going Green

This year, LitFest Pasadena is excited to take big steps to GO GREEN! We’ve surveyed our book festival loving audience about what they envision for a green festival, and here’s what we’re going to do — join us in making our efforts a success!


* Plastic water bottles will not be offered.
Both participating authors and audience members are asked to bring their own reusable water bottles to the festival. We are in the process of identifying a sponsor to host water refill stations at the festival.

* The program book will be available in digital form, only.
The program book will be posted as a downloadable filed on our website. We will also have the program blown-up and posted around the festival on easels. The book will not be available in paper form.

* Author name badge recycling program.
Authors will be asked to return their badges after their appearances for the weekend so that badges can be used again the following year.

* Bring your own bags.
Authors and attendees are asked to bring your own reusable bags to carry your books and other purchases. Plastic bags contribute to plastic pollution and paper bags contribute to deforestation. Let’s bring our own bags!


LitFest Pasadena is held in the Pasadena Playhouse District, which is easily walkable and accessible via train and bus. Options include:

* Train
The Metro Gold Line: The Gold Line runs through Pasadena. The Memorial Park and Lake Avenue station stops will get you to the Playhouse District. Make sure to visit the METRO trip planner for more customized directions.

* Bus
Bus options in Pasadena include the city-run ARTS buses and Foothill Transit. The City of Pasadena’s bus system, Pasadena ARTS, travels throughout the downtown area. Routes 10 and 20 run through the Playhouse District. The Foothill Transit and Metro buses also operate throughout the city. Visit their sites for specific route information.

* Bicycle
Bicycling is a practical and easy mode of transportation that’s both economical and healthy. The City of Pasadena has designated bike routes and lanes, and the Playhouse District is on flat ground, making it very easy to bike.


LitFest Pasadena is held in venues throughout the Playhouse District, which is filled with great eateries, coffee shops, and bars. Ways you can maximize a green dining experience include:

* Get it “for here.”
Take a break, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. Get your food and beverages “for here” so that they’re served on and with non-disposable materials. Enjoy your coffee in a reusable cup or bring your own cup — disposable coffee cups are not recyclable.

* Ask for “no straw” or bring your own.
In solidarity with Heal the Bay and the many other nonprofits calling on Southern Californians to reduce the impact of plastic waste, request that your drink doesn’t have a straw or bring a reusable straw of your own. Plastic straws are non-recyclable and often end up in the ocean where they harm wildlife.