The Roswell Award & Women Hold Up Half the Sky

The Roswell Award
for original short science fiction by writers from around the world

Readings & Awards Presentations at LitFest Pasadena on Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 5:30pm * Blankspaces Pasadena, 680 E Colorado Blvd

Actress Allison Scagliotti (STITCHERS) Reads at The Roswell Award

The Roswell Award for short science fiction by adults is an international competition presented by Light Bringer Project and Sci-Fest L.A. It is designed to inspire and nurture the talent of up and coming science fiction writers. Over four years, submissions have come from dozens of countries including Malawi, Ethiopia, Singapore, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, England, America, Kazakhstan, and others. At LitFest Pasadena on May 19, 2018 at 5:30pm, celebrity guests will read the finalists’ and Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award winner’s stories, after which the first, second, and third place winners will be announced.

Featuring Celebrity Guest Readers: Rico Anderson (THE ORVILLE), David Blue (SGU STARGATE UNIVERSE), Tamara Krinsky (TOMORROW’S WORLD TODAY), Kamala Lopez (EQUAL MEANS EQUAL), Jonathan Slavin (SANTA CLARITA DIET), and Patricia Tallman (BABYLON 5)

The Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award
presented by Artemis Journal and the Hollywood Chapter of the National Organization for Women (Hollywood NOW)

This special award, presented during The Roswell Award Readings & Awards at LitFest Pasadena, recognizes a science fiction story that embraces feminist themes and has a strong female protagonist. The winning story will be published both by Artemis Journal and Hollywood NOW, and will be read aloud on stage by a celebrity guest.

Congratulations to The Roswell Award Finalists and Honorable Mentions and The Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award Winner 2018!

Roswell Award Finalist Judges

Claudia Casper, Sci-Fi Novelist
Peter Clines, Sci-Fi Novelist
Jack Kenny, Executive Producer of Jessica Jones
Maryelizabeth Yturralde, Mysterious Galaxy Books

Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award Judges

Jennifer Brody, Sci-Fi Novelist
Karen Eyres, Hollywood NOW Vice President
Sara Ivy, Hollywood NOW Board
Jeri Rogers, Founder & Editor, Artemis Journal

Roswell Award First Round Judges

Lisa Beebe, Writer
Steven Calcote, Writer & Film Director
Griffin Davis, Writer
Marie Miranda Cruz, Novelist
Heather Dever, Editor
Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, Editor
Sigrid Hudson, Librarian
Erik Jackiw, Professor & Librarian
Robert Kerbeck, Writer
Janine Lim, Writer
Laura McMahon, Librarian
Emily Otis, Librarian
Jeff Rogers, Writer
Jeff Sweat, YA Novelist

Organizing Board

Rosalind Helfand, The Roswell Award Director
David Dean Bottrell, Co-Founder, Sci-Fest L.A.
Michael Blaha, Co-Founder, Sci-Fest L.A.
Tom Coston, President, Light Bringer Project
Patricia Hurley, Managing Director, Light Bringer Project
Lisa Beebe, Writer
Jennifer Brody, YA Novelist
Griffin Davis, Writer