The Tomorrow Prize & The Green Feather Award

The Tomorrow Prize
for original short science fiction by Los Angeles  County high school students

Readings & Awards Presentation at LitFest Pasadena on Sunday, May 20, 2018 * 5:30pm * Blankspaces Pasadena, 680 E Colorado Blvd

Actress Jasika Nicole (FRINGE) Reads at The Tomorrow Prize

Now in its fourth year, The Tomorrow Prize for short science fiction by Los Angeles County high school students is presented by Light Bringer Project and Sci-Fest L.A. This competition inspires students to explore their present through speculating about their future and to excel in the art of storytelling. It is open to all 9th to 12th grade students attending schools in L.A. County.  Over 15 schools and hundreds of students are participating in The Tomorrow Prize 2018. At LitFest Pasadena on May 20, 2018 at 5:30pm, celebrity guests will read the five finalists’ stories, after which the first, second, and third place winners will be announced.

CELEBRITY GUEST READERS: Amber Benson (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), Peter Mackenzie (BLACK-ISH), Madison McLaughlin (ARROW), Jasika Nicole (FRINGE), Jeryl Prescott (THE WALKING DEAD), and Allison Scagliotti (STITCHERS)

The Green Feather Award
presented by Los Angeles Audubon

This special award, presented during The Tomorrow Prize Readings & Awards, recognizes an outstanding science fiction short story by a teen author that centers on overcoming today’s environmental challenges. The winning story will highlight the importance of ecology and biodiversity. The winning story will be read aloud on stage by a celebrity guest.



* Relinquished Cities by Arin Krausz (Grover Cleveland High School)
* The Demiurge by Bry LeBerthon (Westridge School)
* Addiction by Kalila Papanikolas (Westridge School)
* Microcosm by Chelsea See (Glen A. Wilson High School)
* Midas by Audrey Wang (Westridge School)


* Let Her Play by Aisling Murran (Polytechnic High School)


* Espera by Naomi Beach (Clark Magnet High School)
* 2084 by Kate Crowell (Westridge School)
* The Vault by Matthew David (Fairfax High School)
* Desperate Measures by Jake DeRiseis (Culver City High School)
* Trash-O-Synthesis by Charlotte Feit-Leichman & Nia Yick (Culver City High School)
* Curing of an Illness by Carlos Gonzalez (High Tech LA)
* The Silo by Alexander Hwang (High Tech LA)
* Edos by Julia Li (Polytechnic High School)
* War of the Clouds by Haley Pak (Westridge School)
* Gray by Subin Yi (Fairfax High School)

Tomorrow Prize Finalist Judges

Bobak Ferdowsi, Systems Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratories
Michelle Gagnon, YA Novelist
C.B. Lee, Sci-Fi Novelist
Tiffany Owens, Chair, City of Pasadena Arts and Culture Commission
Sherri L. Smith, YA Novelist

The Green Feather Award Judges

Jane Beseda, Los Angeles Audubon
Mary Cruz, Los Angeles Audubon
Alice Hsieh, Los Angeles Audubon
Jamie Lowry, Los Angeles Audubon
Lynne Slattery Schroeder, Los Angeles Audubon

Tomorrow Prize First Round Judges

Sarah Stephens Bean, Writer & Young Storytellers Foundation Board
Lisa Beebe, Writer
Tanya Bjork, Comic Book Writer
Heather Dever, Editor
Lillian Diaz-Przybyl, Editor
Lena Garcia, Educator
Erik Jackiw, Professor & Librarian
Kathleen Kaufman, Sci-Fi Novelist
Laura McMahon, Librarian
Stephanie Olivieri, YA Writer
Lauren Salerno, Shades & Shadow Founder, Writer, Librarian
Chelsea Sutton, PEN Fellow and Award-Winning Playwright

Organizing Board

Rosalind Helfand, The Tomorrow Prize Director
David Dean Bottrell, Co-Founder, Sci-Fest L.A.
Michael Blaha, Co-Founder, Sci-Fest L.A.
Tom Coston, President, Light Bringer Project
Patricia Hurley, Managing Director, Light Bringer Project
Lisa Beebe, Writer
Jennifer Brody, YA Novelist
Griffin Davis, Writer