Litfest Pasadena is Saturday, June 4th, in the Pasadena Playhouse District. Join us for a day of free events!

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Schedule as of 6/3/16 (subject to updates)

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10:00 – Vroman’s Paseo
The YA Body and Self
YA storytelling influences the self-image of a young generation.
Jeff Garvin, Aditi Khorana, Amy Spalding, Erika Wurth; Isabel Quintero Flores Moderator

10:00 – Vroman’s Upstairs
Future of Literary Arts Education in Pasadena: Passionate readers vs. dispirited test takers
Educators and teachers discuss the ways to prevent the language arts from getting lost with all the emphasis on STEM subjects. Those in the audience concerned about literacy in Pasadena schools will be able to sign up for 1-2 hours a week of one-on-one tutoring elementary students a grade or more behind in reading level, through Reading Partners, a local nonprofit.
Elizabeth Pomeroy, Jervey Tervalon, Laura Zachar, Christy Zamani; Leslie Hall Moderator

11:00 – Vroman’s Paseo
Octavia Butler & Afro Futurism
The extraordinary Pasadena novelist was ahead of her time – way ahead. A look into the ways the first prominent African-American woman science fiction writer changed our future.
Tananarive Due, Erik Loyer, Sherri L. Smith; Keenan Norris Moderator

11:00 – Vroman’s Upstairs
Altadena Poets Laureate
Past, present and future poets laureate from the foothill town read from their recent and award-winning work.
Linda Dove, Elline Lipkin, Thelma Reyna

11:00 – The Carrie Hamilton Theater at The Pasadena Playhouse
Latinas/os in Journalism
Laurie Ochoa in conversation with Jean Guerrero

11:00 – LitFest Lounge
Literacy Matters: A panel of award-winning children’s authors
This informal question and answer event provides insight into the changes in children’s literature, independent publishing, incorporation of books and materials for the core curriculum, and diversity of characters and stories. Families and children welcome to share in this cozy, casual setting. Meet the authors will take place with reading circles, signing, and selling of books.
Alva Sachs, Adam T. Newman, Dennis Yang and Carol Henault, Executive Director of Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California.

12:00 – Vroman’s Paseo
The Subjective Truth and the Writing of Memoir
Creative nonfiction has never been more popular and never revealed more about our real lives. Can it be a bridge too far when family and friends are in the story?
Hollye Dexter, Leslie Johansen Nack, Rossandra White; Jonathan Kirsch Moderator

12:00 – Vroman’s Upstairs
Literature for Life | Locavore Lit
Local writers published in Lit4Life | Locovore Lit Magazine
Mary Lea Carroll, Jean Guerrero, Andrew Ramirez, Kosiso Ugwueze, Jervey Tervalon, Artistic Director of LitFest Pasadena, Moderator

12:00 – Zona Rosa Alley
Cal State Long Beach and University of California, Irvine poets read
Poets read from their works.
AJ Urquidi, Alina Nguyen, Stefan Karlsson

12:00 – The Carrie Hamilton Theater at The Pasadena Playhouse
Déborah Domínguez performs in Spanish, English, French and Italian short pieces by Rudyard Kipling, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Frida Kahlo, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Tony Kushner and others.

1:00 – 1:15 – Vroman’s Paseo
Pasadena Prize in Prose
The best three short stories of 2016 from Pasadena high school students.

1:15 – Vroman’s Paseo
LitFest Pasadena Award for lifetime achievement in the literary arts
Jaime Hernandez in conversation with Lalo Alcaraz

The LitFest Pasadena Award for lifetime achievement in the literary arts goes to Jaime Hernandez, the co-creator of the great Love and Rockets series of what formerly were known as comic books.
Jaime Hernandez & Lalo Alcaraz

1:15 – Zona Rosa Alley
Poets & Allies read
Poets & Allies for Resistance is a monthly social justice themed reading series in Pasadena. Features have included Douglas Kearney, Billy Burgos, Pam Ward, Conney Williams, Eternal Mind, Jaha Zainabu, along with many others. Come hear past features read!

1:15 -The Carrie Hamilton Theater at The Pasadena Playhouse
Red Hen Press poets Ron Koertge and Kim Dower read
Two leading poets publishing with Pasadena’s Red Hen Press read from their funny and deeply affecting works.

2:15 – Vroman’s Paseo
Comedy Writing in the Time of Donald Trump
Is it harder or easier to write funny with the absurdity of the election before us?
Jimmy Dore, Erin Foley, Lalo Alcaraz; Stefane Zamorano Moderator

2:15 – Vroman’s Upstairs
YA Writers: Reports from Inside Publishing’s Growth Industry
Are young people more into fiction than any other group of readers? Perhaps so, and the quality of the storytelling draws in adult readers as well as they seek to understand a new generation.
Jen Klein, E. Katherine Kottaras, Michael Mullin, Diana Wagman; Lisa Beebe Moderator

2:15 -The Carrie Hamilton Theater at The Pasadena Playhouse
Indie Publishing: How it survives and thrives
Small presses printing big books.
Loretta McCormick, Editor-in-Chief at cream city review;
Hiram Sims, Community Literature Initiative; World Stage Books;
Dean Audrey Vergara & Maribel Banuelos, student editors at RCC Muse; Chiwan Choi Moderator

3:00 – 6:00 along El Molino / Colorado Blvd.
Poesia Para La Gente presents Las Lunas Locas: Poems on Demand
Amanda Wang, Carolina Gamero, Cynthia Guardado, Karineh Mahdessian, Iris De Anda, Lisa Luna, Sophia Rivera, and Xitlalic Guijosa

3:00 – 4:00 – Zona Rosa Alley
Juli Crockett & The Evangenitals
Performance artist, songwriter and singer Crockett and her crack band play songs from their album inspired by Melville’s Moby-Dick.

3:15 – Vroman’s Paseo
A Flash of Inspiration: Micro-narratives in Multi-Genre Writing Workshop
Following a panel discussion about the art of multi-genre and short form or “flash” writing, everyone including audience brings an object and places it on a table; everyone including those on the panel writes a flash paragraph about one of the objects they didn’t bring.
Please bring: a.) your own writing paper/pads, pens, or laptops and b.) an object of your choice, as entry to the panel.
The object may be anything at all, from an item of clothing, to a trinket or knick-knack. Additional objects will be on hand. Attendees will be asked to select an object that is not their own to write about. All objects will be returned to their rightful owners at the panel’s end.
Janet Fitch, Judith Freeman, Sonia Greenfield, Kevin Staniec; Channing Sargent Moderator

3:15 -The Carrie Hamilton Theater at The Pasadena Playhouse
Amazing Women Writers, Struggles, and Success
This event represents: Sundance accolades for a film maker, a book auction and huge advance for a debut novel. A community created out of poetry, publishing and activism. An award-winning journalist and educator. Hear more about these amazing women, find out about their obstacles as they created their destinies as well as how they define their own success. 
Jessica Ceballos, Jade Chang, Erika Hayasaki, Stacey Parshall Jensen, Desiree Zamorano Moderator

4:15 – Vroman’s Paseo
Crime in the Big City
Fictional mystery writers meet true-crime scribes to talk about where the twain meet and diverge in stories from the mean streets.
Christa Faust, Ryan Gattis, Frank Girardot, Rachel Howzell Hall, Naomi Hirahara, S.W. Lauden, Travis Richardson; Gary Phillips Moderator

4:15 – Vroman’s Upstairs
LGBTQ Writers Having Their Say
LGBTQ writers from greater LA discuss their work, their politics, and the need for establishing and sustaining a thriving literary community for writers of difference.
Noel Alumit, Alex Espinoza, Brandi Spaethe

4:15 – Zona Rosa Alley
Woody Guthrie in LA
Woody Guthrie L.A.: 1937 to 1941, edited by historians Darryl Holter and William Deverell, is an extraordinary portrait of our city and America’s troubadour in a particular time. The authors talk about his legacy, and Holter and his guitar play some of his songs.
Bill Deverell with Darryl Holter playing guitar

4:15 -The Carrie Hamilton Theater at The Pasadena Playhouse
The Big Red Book of Contemporary Chinese Literature
A conversation with Yunte Huang about his new anthology of contemporary Chinese literature
Yunte Huang with Jinghuan Liu Tervalon

5:15 – Vroman’s Paseo
(Why Aren’t There More) Women in Science
Women have never been more prominent in the sciences, and local heroines at Caltech and JPL are proof positive. But chauvinism is still an impediment.
Astrid Lamberts, Sara Lippincott, George Morgan, Margaret Wertheim; Larry Wilson Moderator

5:15 – Vroman’s Upstairs
Writing in the Times of Black Lives Matter
African-American writers respond to the social crisis between the community and the police.
James Farr, Rachel Harper, Emory Holmes II, S. Pearl Sharp, Hiram Sims, Lisa Teasley; Jervey Tervalon Moderator

5:15 – Zona Rosa Alley
Local Poets Read

5:45 – The Pasadena Playhouse – Engemann Family Courtyard
Sandra Tsing Loh, who wrote and stars in “The Madwoman in the Volvo,” performs today at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m and will be signing books for theater goers and LitFest attendees.

6:15 – Vroman’s Paseo
“City of Gold,” Jonathan Gold documentary; Gold in conversation with audience and guests
The Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer is followed around Los Angeles by a documentary filmmaker. What’s in it for us, the L.A. eaters?
Jonathan Gold and guests.

6:15 – Zona Rosa Alley
Poetry & Storytelling Open Mic

6:15 -The Carrie Hamilton Theater at The Pasadena Playhouse
Not Your Momma’s Comics! Graphic Novels Tackle Social Justice, Global Conflict & More
Comics, graphics novels — what do you picture? In this superhero-heavy age, many readers associate comics and graphic novels with stories that don’t have much to say. But the comic medium is actually a powerful art form and tool for communicating complex ideas and viewpoints that can inspire us to think more deeply about important issues and perhaps change our world for the better — all while entertaining us.
Tanya Bjork, Joshua Dysart, Brandon Easton, Rosalind Helfand Moderator

7:15 – Litfest Lounge
Yelp Reviews
You read the reviews. You write them, too. Here are some of the best from a medium changing the way we find out where to go.
Katie Burbank, Yelp Los Angeles Community Director and Larry Wilson, LitFest Pasadena Artistic Director