Dustin Davis is an American cowboy, instructor, clinician, and co-author of his debut book Cowboys & Conductors: Conversations in Horsemanship-Humanship. Dustin was born and raised in Colorado and now calls Southern California home with his wife, daughter, and a hundred plus horses, cattle, and dogs. Dustin currently operates a horsemanship barn and also travels the country offering horsemanship clinics helping horses and their humans. Dustin’s training methods, coined Grey Leadership in this book, exemplify a servant-leadership style versus a traditional leadership style in that the power is shared with the horse and that the needs of the horse come first which helps them develop and perform as highly as possible. In the words of Ray Hunt “I haven’t found a horse these methods don’t work for” and Dustin agrees with this philosophy and is carrying on the legacy of these great horsemen. There is a very logical and fundamental connection between these methods and “humanship” as discussed in the book and how the methods Dustin uses for horses can be used for humans and business relationships alike.

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