Submissions for LitFest Pasadena 2023 are now closed.

Books That Make a Difference

A Word on Our LitFest Theme

LitFest Pasadena is best known for its focus on writers, the power of the written word, and how literature manifests change in our world, our communities and ourselves. Some books do this head-on. Some explore how we handle change. Others can unsettle and challenge us by presenting a new or unfamiliar point of view.

Toni Morrison wrote, “Books are a form of political action. Books are knowledge. Books are reflection. Books change your mind.”

LitFest Pasadena’s 2023 theme, Books that Make a Difference, gives our presenters an opportunity to explore the power of the written word as they discuss their own work and the great books that have influenced them.

Think about how you can incorporate “Books that Make a Difference” into the your topic for a panel discussion, reading, workshop or literary experience. As you develop your idea, please consider the following areas:

  • Books that have changed the world
  • Books that have changed my community
  • Books that have changed me


Please tell us those books that have influenced you, in your writing and your life.

We’re excited to hear your idea!